The Bloodhound Group promotes a mindset focused on continuous assessment and practice across what we consider to be the core disciplines at the center of a rich and deeply fulfilling life. These are the keys that unlock all the other doors.

Focus your efforts here, and everything else falls in line:



Your mind, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.


Your body.

The literal beating heart that keeps you alive and well.


Your value.

The production of what you contribute and offer.

Add words like “development” or “wellness” to the end of those P words above, and each of the results are what we are actively seeking. Of course, it’s easy to say there are so many things in life, so why only these? Well, that is true. Life is perhaps infinite, so you could take a swing at uncovering all there is to absolutely everything. Eat the world in one bite if you please, but chances are you’re already getting distracted and underwhelmed with the progress. Regardless of how you want to tackle it, any journey really begins with the most important question:

Where to start?

You could create an index of all things, itemized and categorized, color-coded and spiral-bound and start at the beginning, right? Just a quick reminder that there are nearly 200 countries to explore, over 6,000 languages you can learn, literally millions of musical instruments to play, and 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day, so I hope you bought extra binders and highlighters.

Our guidance: Focus on the driving factors.

Start with you.
That’s a pretty good place! In fact, it might even be the only place according to Einstein when he said “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Only you are the core of everything that happens around you, thanks to the fact that you exist. And since you’re at the center, who you are and what you do matters the most. When everything else is wiped away, all you ever really have is yourself. Your person, who you are, impacts 100% of both your waking and sleeping hours.
That’s some power, man! The best part is, you get to direct the show.
Holy crap, seriously?
Everything in my life starts with me and I have the power to change anything and everything about it?
Si señor.
Hey, now we’re getting somewhere.

Here’s something else you might like to hear

You don’t need to be the best at something to get the best results. The real value comes through regular and sustained practice. Set the bar too high and realistically, you probably just won’t jump at all. So, set it at a level you’re comfortable with, incrementing when you’re ready, just make sure that you jump every single day. Practice, practice, practice.

What we offer through this organization is first and foremost, community. Every one of us, with our diverse backgrounds, foundations, and experiences we each bring to the table a wealth of perspective. The things one person picks up every day are individually impactful, but collectively invaluable. Multiplied by the power of the community - the results are incredible.

Many things will come and go that you may like and dislike, so we’re setting out to isolate the most interesting pieces that are the consistently generate value so that you can focus on yourself, your body, and your profession.

The Bloodhounds